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Huda Beauty Rose Gold Palette Remastered: Do you need it?

The internet make up community has been going crazy since yesterday! All because of the RELAUNCH of Huda Beauty Rose GoldPalette, planned on May 22, as stated on Huda´s official web in her new article dedicated to the Relaunch.

Huda Beauty wrote on her Instagram account: “Everyone who knows me, knows how important our original Rose Gold Palette was to us, but when we launched it, we really had to invest everything into the Palette and couldn’t invest in things like packaging & innovation! That year 2016, I actually couldn’t afford to pay myself salary, because this Palette was such a huge project for us!”

What’s new in the Huda Beauty Rose Gold RemasteredPalette as states by Huda herself?

Here are mattes: Even more buttery and pigmented than before, 8 new mattes are talc-free and give MAJOR payoff that’s easy to put down, blend, and build.

Melted Metal: The foil formula and reinvented it in an even more lustrous finish, that can now be used with a brush, or for an extreme liquid metal finish, you can use your fingers.

Pressed-pearl:  Similar to the shimmers in the previous palette, this pressed pearl gives shimmer effect in a more buttery formula.

Okay. So let’s imagine Huda is so devoted to her brand that she couldn’t pay herself salary and invest in a better packaging. Now, her brand is very famous and she gets profit out of it and she finally made a palette with a mirror and a packaging that doesn’t look so cheap.

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