How I dye my hair bright colors

Hello friends! Everyone has been asking me about my colorful hair and how do I do it and how I still have hair on my head after all those changes… Well, there have not been a lot of changes though! In this article I’m going to show you my crazy bright hair colors and how I do it!

First of all, I’ve always been blonde and then dyed my hair blonde. I went from natural to WHITEST PLATINUM BLONDE and I always go back to this platinum blonde when I’m tired of bright hair colors. Yeah, I love them but I always want to change! As well as I get tired of blonde and want to go back to bright hair colors! I used to rock all tones of pink, purple, light blue and light grey.

My NUMBER ONE RULE in hair dye is: I never do it myself. I always go to a hairstylist, and though I know there are people who dye their hair at home and do it fantastically, unfortunatelly my hands may be growing from another place so I´m not one of them. In Barcelona, I go to TON VANGARD. My blonde hair routine is usually some very gentle bleach that is left for 2 hours, because I have quite thin hair an then I always use some cold blonde hair dye tones, even pastel purple or grey, they leave my hair absolutely platinum without any yellowness. I usually use purple shampoo minimum once a week or more, if I want to get a silver or purple effect.

Once, I went crazy and had my hair dyed in dark purple, it faded away to pastel lilac that I will show you beyond, then I used some gente blonde hair dye and bleached the roots and went back to cold platinum blonde. My natural hair is not very dark, though I dont know which color it is but I suppose it’s dark blonde , so it’s not that hard to go blonde for me. 😀

I’ve used various brands, some I don’t even remember. I’ve tried worldwide famous crazy color hair dye and I must say it’s not the best one. It’s cheap and doesn’t last long, though the colors are really cool. My last bright hair color and the one I’m using now is IGORA COLOR WOX INTENSE in MAUVE. It’s a gorgeous pinkish purple that fades away beautifully to pale pink. I wore it for one whole month before I got tired and used it again, to add more color. I’m really not a big fan of faded colors and dark roots, so I have to re do my hair each month or month and a half!

How do ya feel if i go lavander blue? I’m thinking about it 😀

These are some ideas of bright hair colors that I’ve photoshoped – I actually do not know if I would like to have red hair for real, but 3 others look fine to me!

What about hair care, that’s funny but I don’t have my favorites yet. I washed my hair with 2€ shampoo and 40€ shampoo and haven´t noticed so much difference… Though, I prefer sulfate free shampoos cause your crazy color fades away slower! Now, I use low shampoo every next day and normal shampoo every other day. I wash my hair everyday because it gets  oily and low shampoo is not so strong so it still cleans your hair gently and bright hair colors last longer. Due to blonde coloring my hair never growth above shoulder length, but that´s fine for me cause I really love short hair and all these retro bob styles!

Do you have any hair routine? What hair dye do you usually use? Are you a bright hair colors lover? I would love to hear your opinions! Comment below and thanks for reading and subscribe and follow my social media for more!

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